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DEA Special Reports Series

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Beginning May 2010, Diplomat East Africa introduced Special Reports (SR) which will be in-depth and comprehensive journalistic portraits of the most significant thematic topics in the eastern Africa region and beyond. Launching the SR series are four areas traversing country, culture and economy — namely Rwanda’s rise, Fifa World Cup fever and EA business competitiveness, plus a Special Report on Grain Bulk Handling Limited.

Rising Rwanda

Under the stewardship of President Paul Kagame, Rwanda has amazingly overcome the trauma and stereotypes relating to the 1994 Genocide like the proverbial phoenix. The country is a living example of how pragmatic leadership can engender progress. The SR will delve into the whys and hows of Rwanda’s superlative achievements, while at the same time bringing you easy reading on the Land of One Thousand Hills.

Fifa World Cup Fever

When the beautiful game comes to Africa, it is time for a whole continent to celebrate and eastern Africa cannot be left behind. Neither will DEA. In this SR, we bring you a ball of stories on the eastern Africa fans gearing up for trips down South; travel arrangements; team profiles; the matches and South Africa.

EA Business Competitiveness

The EAC slogan, ‘One People, One Destiny’, is complemented by a commitment to being true to the ethos of people-centered and private sector-led integration. In partnership with the East African Business Council, DEA will bring you thoroughgoing analyses from extensive interviews with private sector players, both the corporate and association or organizational levels in the region.

Grain Bulk Handling Limited (GBHL)

The Mombasa-based port facility used by grain importers not only within Kenya, but also Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, and Southern Sudan. This happens to be the one Kenyan corporation which has been investigated most frequently by parliamentary committees, and has also been visited regularly by officials from various ministries with every change of government.

And yet in all this time, nothing has been found to suggest any impropriety on the part of GBHL.

So, who owns GBHL? What is its history? Why has it given rise to so much controversy? And is it an unfair monopoly; or is it rather standing in the way of a second grain handling facility by grain milling interests?

This report, which will consist of interviews with port management experts; GBHL top management and shareholders, etc, will try to answer all these questions and more, in a single riveting pullout in our next issue.

DEA Special Reports — Ground-breaking, In-depth, Comprehensive and Forward-looking